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Get your own club (or business) website
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Get your own club (or business) website

... with My Virtual Club


Your own club (or small business) website could be just a step away. 

We set you up with an almost instant, interactive club websites, designed on real clubhouses, suitable for any club or small business- brownies, sports clubs, bridge clubs, plumbers, electricians, etc. All this, and no adverts to spoil your message.


Club website starter kit


Make a club website with the club website starter kit. The club website starter kit creates websites for clubs - start with a generic club and then add information as and when you are ready. It is especially designed to allow you to spend time on your club and not time trying to get a website to do what you want it to do. No need for technical expertise - guided clicks allow you to add and remove documents, weblinks and pictures.


Simplicity is the name of the game - we will set you up with a stunning online club house, and you can use the easy controls to add documents, links and additional rooms. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to run your club, attract new members and communicate with existing ones, or showcase your work and market your business.


Do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with - initially you could just add some information about your club with some pictures. There's a 'contact me' gadget that will allow people to contact you via an email message and you can send regular updates to members with an email list gadget.


No login needed for members!


Members don't need a login! You would have a login as the administrator of the club, but your members won't need one - perfect for members of all age groups!


Affordable price of £50 setup and then just £5/month


Unlike other sites we do not charge per member - just pay £5 per month regardless of how many members you have. We charge per club, not per member.  And there's no untidy adverts to spoil your website!


You can have your online club for just £5/month with no tie in - cancel at any time. When you sign up you get a free web address along the lines of "www.[yourclubname].myvirtualclub.com". Otherwise, you can have your own web address (like www.[yourclubname].com) for a non-refundable yearly charge of £15 (a web address needs to be registered with the appropriate authority, and we can't get the money back after we have registered it for you). Note that you will need a web address that isn't being used by someone else already - but we can help you find one.


Need help setting it up?


We will set up a generic club house for you, with an approprtiate visual 'front', from templates or from a photo you  provide. It will have places for you to add text about your club, and labelled doors and rooms, as agreed.  From there you can add or change as much as you choose.


We are happy to set the whole thing up for you. We could work with you over the phone or via email, in real time, so that the virtual club is to your complete satisfaction. If you would like us to run the site completely (in other words, we administer it), then we are happy to discuss an appropriate fee based on the amount of work involved.


See some examples!


The buildings in this street have been constructed to show examples of what can be achieved with MyVirtualClub.  Click on the arrow pointing to the right in the picture of the clubhouse above to move along the street and look at some example online club houses.




Just click on the doors in the picture of the clubhouse above to enter and see how to get your own online club.


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